Volunteer Staff and Board of Directors

Tutors and administrative staff are all volunteers. Training and support are provided to ensure the various individuals have all the necessary tools to fulfill their role within the Centre.

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The Centre, which officially opened in September 2006, is under the guidance of a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of Mason and non-Mason volunteers. The Board is responsible for providing support and direction to the Centre Director and Staff; setting policies and guidelines for the operation of the Halifax Centre, and ensuring these are complimentary to and consistent with those established for Canadian Learning Centres for Children adopted by the Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation of Canada.

2021 Board of Directors

N. Kent Clarke – Chair
Dan Campbell- Secretary
Harold Crosby – Treasurer
Carson Jackson – Vice President
Jackie Cody – Member
Rod MacDonald – Member
Rebecca MacNiven – Member
Cathy Rissanen – Member
Bonnie Waugh – Member
Steve Warnell – Member
Reo Matthews – Member

Matthew Todd – Past President and National Learning Centre Director
Paul E. Frank – Deputy NS, PEI and NL

Learning Centre Director

Thelma Gregan