Enrollment and Admission

Important Update March 1, 2022:

At the February 28, 2022 Learning Centre Board of Directors meeting, after consideration of the current wait list, the applications yet to be fully processed, and the prospect that those being added to the wait list would not have a reasonable prospect of admission within 5 years, the Board decided it was left with no other choice but to place a moratorium on new applications.  From March 1, 2022 forward, any new applications received by the Centre will be declined and return to the source.

The Board sincerely regrets this decision. The Board will continually review its position and ways to remove the backlog and improve wait list times.   Any future update will be posted here.

Children who have been diagnosed with dyslexia are eligible to apply to the Centre.

A current and comprehensive psychological and educational evaluation is required for all applicants. Children who have been having difficulty in school often have been tested through their school’s psychologist. Parents are entitled to receive a copy of the results from their child’s school.

Tutoring is provided free of charge to those families and children enrolled in the program.

For more information on steps required to have your child tested for dyslexia please speak with you child’s teacher, or see our Resources pages.