Success Stories

Children with dyslexia who have worked through the Orton-Gillingham approach have incredible success stories. The recount of the following experiences has been taken from the London, Ontario Learning Centre.

From one of our Tutors in Halifax

During our first three months together the twenty minutes of each reading session were often broken up by furtive glances at the clock as my student, checked to see just how much longer he had to continue.  Words can’t describe my excitement and delight the night that he looked up from the pages of the book and said, “just one more chapter”!  He read on for ten extra minutes, not looking at the clock once!

Carter’s story

Nine year old Carter was struggling – both at school and at home. He was becoming mouthy with his mom and having a hard time learning. Carter’s mom hired tutors but nothing was helping. Then his Grandpa learned about the London Learning Centre. Carter was the first child enrolled.

Grandpa committed to drive Carter the one and a half hours each way from their home in Chatham to the Centre in London.

Carter fought the first two trips – then he changed. Carter knew the tutoring was helping, school was easier and he was a happier child. Today Carter is thriving – he reads novels including the Harry Potter series. Both his Grandpa and Mom are forever thankful for the tutoring Carter received at the London Learning Centre.

Gaining three years in just fifteen weeks

One of our children was in grade seven but her reading comprehension skills were still at the grade three level. Within fifteen weeks of tutoring at the London Centre she had achieved a three year advancement in her reading comprehension! Her mother (in tears) told us that when she did not respond to a call for dinner she went looking for her and found her curled up on a couch in the living room READING A BOOK!

A child’s pride

Our Centre Director received a memorable gift in June 2010.  It appeared in her E-Mail  inbox – a note from a parent:  “FYI –  The dyslexic student received an A in reading and a B in writing!!!!!!!!     Thank You”   Who is more proud:  the child or the parent?