Everyone has a gift to give and we need your gift!

All you need is a kind heart, the time to commit and the desire to help a child. If you would like to get involved
e-mail office@srlcfc.com or call 405-3895.

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Imagine – the chance to work one-on-one with a child who is in need of your help. You can be that special person who leads a child through the process of learning to read, taking them from the world of frustration to one of success. This experience will require a significant commitment of your time, but it will be rewarded bountifully by the smiles of a happy child and a thankful family.

To become a Learning Centre tutor individuals will need to be trained in the Orton-Gillingham approach. This training consists of 45 hours of classroom tutorial and observation with feedback conducted over the following 12 months. The training is provided at no cost to the individual.

Tutor Application

Our Staff

Anger, Joanne
Ashton, Cathy
Bain, Becky
Bent, Bill
Bezanson, Linda
Bradley, Kelly
Cameron, Carolyn
Cameron, Lisa Marie
Campbell, Beth
Carew-Arithi, Roisin
Cartwright, Janice
Currans, Mona
DeGrasse, Michael
Gregan, Thelma
Hollebone, Kim
Horwich, Debbie
Jackson, Nicole
MacDougall, Patty
MacMillan, Dijana
MacNab, Gill
Marshall, Lynn
McMillan, Jenn
McRae, Kilby
Mitchell, Zoë
Murray, Tye
Pertus, Laura
Plant-Hansen, Cynthia
Ryan, Mandy
Saunders, Gayle
Simon, Jen
Smith, Carrol Ann
Strang, Michael
Todd, Matt
Walsh, Stephanie
Williams, Ray
Wisen, Angela


If you can’t see yourself as a tutor but would still like to get involved call or e-mail us today. There are many opportunities to get involved. Some of the positions we need to fill include administrative, front office, and special project support staff.